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Spiritual Life Coach
3220 W Leland Ave.
Chicago, IL 60625

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Spiritual Life Coach

Melissa Sandfort

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Certifications: Advanced Energy Healer Certification, Internal Family Systems Certified Practitioner
Skills: Life Coach, Transformatology
Ailments Treated:
Anxiety - "Parts of us who feel anxious can sometimes be overwhelming. Over time, it is possible to develop a strong, core self who is not so overwhelmed by anxious thoughts. "
Depression - "Parts who lack energy and feel depressed often respond well to the IFS approach of directly addressing the grief, anger, frustration or other emotions which drive their depression. "
Insomnia - "It is possible to develop a deep sense of core well-being which, over time, can help alleviate insomnia. Directly addressing insomnia as a focus of sessions can also be effective. "
Stress - "Stress is often the result of not living in alignment with our deepest values. Spiritual life coaching helps you close the gap between the life you want and the life you're leading."

Member Since 03/24/12

Experience: 5
Visit my Website: http://www.athousandpaths.com

A Thousand Paths Spiritual Life Coaching:  Serious spiritual work for people in the real world. 

I offer extremely practical, no–New–Age–nonsense spiritual life coaching for people who are already on the path, or those who want to begin the journey and are seeking a grounded, real–world spiritual guide and partner. My coaching is holistic and includes all aspects of personal growth, from relationships to health and wellness; life purpose to authentic leadership; creativity to simplicity and organization; entrepreneurship to retirement; celebration and transformation to grief and loss...and everything in-between.

Sessions may address anything from the challenges of parenthood to learning how to be more mindful in everyday life, and certainly are not limited to what might be considered 'spiritual' topics. My coaching is 'spiritual' in the sense that my clients and I both agree that to be most deeply fulfilled is to be living a spiritual life—a life that originates from our Inner Self, not from the dictates of society or other people's expectations. We believe that our happiness lies in living an authentically meaningful life that is aligned with our deepest, core values. I want my clients to bring their spirituality and yearning for a juicier, more inwardly-connected life to our sessions. In my coaching sessions I welcome, encourage and explore connecting to your intuition and inner guidance, and experiencing transcendent states of consciousness.

I work with teens, adults and couples in person in Chicago and the North Shore or anywhere by Skype. 

Price List

Holistic Spiritual Life Coaching Session

50 minute life coaching session - $125

I offer flexible session lengths, from $75 for a 30 minute session to $150 for an hour long session. 


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