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Reiki Master & Massage Therapist
Kings Heath, Birmingham B147BB
United Kingdom

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Reiki Master & Massage Therapist


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Certifications: NCBTMB nationally certified massage therapist, Prenatal Massage, Reiki Master & Teacher
Skills: Reiki, Acupressure, Aromatherapy & Essential Oils, Asian Bodywork, Chakra Balancing, Craniosacral Therapy, Cupping, Deep Tissue Massage, Energy Work, Facial Massage, Gua Sha, Massage Therapist, Moxibustion, Qigong, Shiatsu, Swedish Massage
Ailments Treated:
Allergies - "Acupressure, aromatherapy and massage"
Anxiety - "Reiki and Qi Gong to calm the mind and body. I also use Aromatherapy to enhance treatments"
Arthritis - "Gentle massage to reduce inflammation and pain, with oils to improve circulation"
Back Pain - "Massage "
Carpal Tunnel - "Massage"
Constipation - "Asian bodywork and Aromatherapy"
Depression - "Aromatherapy, massage and energy work."
Fibromyalgia - "Gentle massage, aromatherapy, and energy work"
Gas / Bloating - "Asian bodywork and Aromatherapy"
Headaches / Migraines - "Gentle massage, aromatherapy and energy work"
Insomnia - "Aromatherapy, massage and energy work."
Menstrual Pain - "massage, aromatherapy and energy work."
Neck Pain - "massage"
Panic Attacks - "Aromatherapy, massage and energy work."
Plantar Fasciitis - "Deep massage with lots of stretching to reduce pain and inflammation."
Stress - "Aromatherapy, massage and energy work."
TMJ Syndrome - "massage"

Member Since 06/24/12

Experience: 10 years experience in energy work
Languages (other than English): French
Job Status: Practitioner Looking to Contract
Links: Elemental Healing
Visit my Website: http://www.cieldafford.com

Ciel Dafford is a nationally certified, insured, and licensed massage therapist, as well as a certified Reiki Master & Teacher. In 2003 Dafford began learning shamanism and energy work, and began teaching and training others in 2008. After moving to Chicago, Dafford began her training in Traditional Oriental Medicine and Asian Bodywork at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. At Pacific College Dafford specialized in Shiatsu (traditional Japanese massage) and Aromatherapy. Since graduating from Pacific College Dafford has studied Craniosacral Therapy and Reiki. Dafford is a certified Reiki Master and has been teaching the ancient art of Reiki healing since 2012. Dafford combines her training in Oriental Medicine and bodywork with her extensive experience in energywork and shamanism to create powerfully healing sessions for her clients. By manipulating the energy meridians and points through massage and energywork, your body can heal itself. Experiencing the healing power of compassionate touch can heal and relax the mind, body, and spirit.


Elemental Healing is holistic healing: I work to restore the balance of the mind, body and spirit using Traditional East Asian Medicine. I use methods established by the ancient Taoists and Buddhists, and continuously expanded upon over the past 3,000 years combined with holistic alternative medicine.


I focus on restoring the balance of the 5 fundamental elements (water, wood, fire, earth, and metal) through a combination of Aromatherapy, Massage, and Energy work (Reiki). To further the healing process, I also do house blessings and cleansings to restore harmony to your home.


I use Aromatherapy (custom-made essential oil blends and flower essences) and the healing properties of crystals to enhance your massage or Reiki session into a unique and powerful experience.


I specialize in Aromatherapy, Reiki, Shiatsu, and Craniosacral Therapy.


Please email me for more information: ElementalAromatherapy@gmail.com


You can also see me at The Zen Shop in Moseley www.thezenshop.co.uk 0121 449 4995

Price List

House Blessing & Space Clearing

A Welcoming & Creative Home Environment - $50
  • I use white sage to cleanse negative energies from your house, and a variety of other sacred herbs such as frankincense to bless your home and protect it from negative energy.
  • Please see my website (www.cieldafford.com) for more information on my methods.


Enhance your other treatments - minimum $10

Add aromatherapy to your energy work session for a profund experience.

I can also make customized products for you (oil diffusers, bath salts, etc), which are made to your specific needs.

Aromatherapy Treatment - $80

30 minute or 1 hour treatments.

Oils will be applied to reflex points and/or chakra points. Oils will be selected based on your specific needs.

Energy Work

Reiki Healing Attunement - $70
  • 1 hour session.
  • This is healing in it’s purest sense. I locate and resolve your energetic blockages to allow your body to heal itself naturally. I will also channel healing energies into the affected area(s) to speed healing, as well as use oil blends and crystals for your specific needs.
  • Any disease, disorder, or bad habit can be treated with a Healing Attunement. I have helped people to quit smoking, to recover after surgery, and to treat disprders such as anxiety, chronic fatigue, grief, and depression.
Chakra Balancing - $70
  • 1 hour session.
  • I use Reiki energy, crystals, and aromatherapy to purify and strengthen the energy of your chakras.
  • Please see my website www.cieldafford.com for more information about Reiki.
Attunement for Creativity - $70
  • 1 hour or 30 minute session.
  • Have you been feeling stuck or “blah” lately? This Reiki Attunement will unblock your chakras and open you up to the magic and inspiration of the universe. We’ll specifically work on your 3rd eye and crown chakras, in addition to removing any blockages you may have.
  • I use crystals during Reiki sessions to enhance and direct the Reiki energies. 
Attunement for Abundance - $70
  • 1 hour or 30 minute sessions.
  • This session will remove any energetic blocks you have that are preventing you from finding success and abundance. I will attune you to the abundant energies of the universe to allow the abundance of the universe to enter your life. This session is perfect for those looking to transition into a new career, or who are struggling with their current jobs.
  • I use crystals to enhance and direct Reiki energy.
Attunement for Inner Strength - $70
  • 1 hour or 30 minute session.
  • This Attunement will uncover your hidden inner strength, and fill you with your own confidence and power. I will remove any energetic blockages that have been preventing you from feeling powerful and confident. You’ll feel fully charged and capable of conquering the world.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy Treatment - $70
  • 1 hour session
  • CST releases deeply held tensions in the body through the gentle manipulation of the bones in the spine, skull, and sacrum.
  • Please see my website www.cieldafford.com for more detailed information.

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    United Kingdom
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