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Professional massage therapist  in private practice since 1987 specializing in medical massage.
16410 Smokey Point Blvd Suite 303
Cumulus Park Health Care Center,
Arlington, WA 98223

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Professional massage therapist in private practice since 1987 specializing in medical massage.

Andrew Wolfe LMP

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Certifications: Spectrum Center School of Massage, Lake Stevens, WA 1987, Masters in Metaphysics, Los Angeles, CA 1998
Skills: Cupping, Acupressure, Deep Tissue Massage, Gua Sha, Manual Therapy, Massage Therapist, Muscle Release Technique, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Massage, Sports Massage, Structural Integration, Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy
Ailments Treated:
Anxiety - "Swedish massage"
Arthritis - "decompression,trigger point,myofascial release"
Back Pain - "Myofascial release,trigger point,somatic movement/remedial movement"
Carpal Tunnel - "decompression,remedial movemetn with myofascial release therapy"
Frozen Shoulder - "Manual therapy (myofascial release therapy, somatic movement rededucation with streching and trigger point release,scar tissue therapy"
Headaches / Migraines - "Myofascial release therapy and manual traction with stretching"
Hip Pain / Bursitis - "Myofascial release therapy and manual traction with stretching"
IT Band Syndrome - "Myofascial release therapy and manual traction with stretching"
Knee Pain - "Myofascial release therapy and manual traction with stretching"
Neck Pain - "Myofascial release therapy and manual traction with stretching"
Plantar Fasciitis - "Myofascial release therapy and manual traction with stretching"
Sciatica - "Myofascial release therapy, trigger point release, manual traction with stretching"
Scoliosis - "Myofascial release therapy with stretching"
Shin Splints - "Myofascial release therapy,trigger point therapy, manual traction with stretching"
Stress - "Sdedish massage"
Tendonitis - "Myofascial release therapy and manual traction with stretching"
TMJ Syndrome - "Myofascial release therapy and manual traction with stretching"
Vertigo - "Myofascial release therapy and manual traction with stretching"
Whiplash - ".Myofascial release therapy and manual traction with stretching"

Member Since 10/01/09

Experience: In Industry since 1987
Avg Rating:
Rating: 5
(1 review)  
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Visit my Website: http://www.harmonymassagetherapy.com


Professional  medical massage therapist,Andrew Wolfe,LMP of Harmony Licensed Massage Therapy,based in Arlington Washington is an expert in his field with 25 years of local,full time private practice;since 1987. He has advanced level of clinical experience and training including locally in  Pacific Northwest Washington and in Beijing China. He has worked privately and with other healthcare professions including,chiropractors,medical doctors,orthopedic surgeons,specialists and physical therapists and comes highly recommended. His experience in his profession excels him beyond the industry's standard,surpassing most therapist. "More than a "back rub" Andrew therapeutically,professionally  and intuitively has knowledge beyond your average therapist. He excels beyond what others claim they can do. Andrew is the best at what he does." Most medical insurance claims accepted including Labor & Industry (L&I),Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries, and private medical insurance; Aetna,First Choice,Regence,Uniform Medical,Allstate,State Farm,Farmers are a few of the insurances I work with. Authorization required prior to therapy on first visit.  Types of massage; I focus primarily on myofascial release and deep tissue with incorporated manual traction,stretching and remedial movement of the body to reengage nerve pathways and allow muscle memory to reset into the body by natural and effective means. I also utilize swedish massage and trigger point and somatic movement. My care is strong,compassionate,reliable and holistic. Author of audio book on massage and mind body concerns. Masters in metaphysics (masters thesis in mind/body medicine).Serving North Snohomish County; Arlington, Smokey Point, Stanwood, Lake Stevens, Lake Goodwin, (NO. )Lakewood,Granite Falls, Silvania,Mount Vernon and Everett area.

Office is located just off I-5 off exit 206 within the Cumulus Park Health Care Center which is the first or front of 2 twin buildings. It has lighted free parking,wheel chair access and is on a bus route which stops in front of the building on Smokey Point blvd. Please visit my professional web site at http://www.harmonymassagetherapy.com or call 360-653-4657.

U TUBE VIDEO;http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_CxYsuGK38

 'Compassionate care, touch on pain. "

Andrew Wolfe is without question the best massage therapist that has worked with me. After a serious motor vehicle accident, Andrew helped to bring my upper body into perfect mobility. The emphasis was on breaking down scar tissue and focusing on the area of injury. I would highly recommend Andrew to anyone who is looking for rehabilitation --- since the results I experienced were phenomenal'. Holly Lyman

The Best in Snohomish County!
by: Kimberly Holden-Seton

“I am honored to have known Andrew for over 20 yrs. His services are truly amazing and his knowledge of injuries and how the body heals is remarkable, he has helped me manage severe pain from many injuries throughout my life and I continue to be a patient of his, so if your looking for an outstanding Licensed Massage Therapist who knows much more than just massage therapy then by all means go see Andrew and you will surely be back year after year..
Harmony Licensed Massage Therapy is recommended for all, so go ahead what are you waiting for call him today and see for yourself he is the "Best". “


“Andrew is amazing, as long as I live in the state of Washington I will see only him. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!! “ T.N.

“I have had many massages in and around the Arlington / Marysville / Everett area over the years. No other therapist I have been to in the past compares to the job Andrew does! He is very skilled at what he does, is very professional and truly cares about his clients! I highly recommend him! “ V.G. of Marysville WA

Amazing results



Dear Andrew. So much improvement in the jaw, amazing!!!Your treatments have assisted this old body to mend and improve, where it would not have found this path otherwise. I truly appreciate all your knowledge and efforts into new territory of posture, physical health, and mental outlook. The pain over the winter was most humbling, and the appreciating for renewed health inspiring.Maureen

Your healing is by far some of the best! “ Sifu Carlton Doup

Andrew is an exceptional massage therapist! I been to others and can tell the difference in his therapy. His therapy is genuine and unique. He is a very knowledgeable, not just in regards to the body and massage therapy, but in so many other realms. Other therapist just touch the body, Andrew works the body with deeper, more profound, lasting results, not a back rub, Andrew massages with insight unlike any other therapist I have ever known!

June 01, 2010 by Anonymous

Excellent results!:

After rotator cuff surgery my doctor referred me to physical therapy. I saw some improvement. But when I went back to my doctor I told him what was most beneficial was the massage, which was only provided some of the time and not for very long. He highly recommend Andrew Wolfe at Harmony Licensed Massage Therapy. I went to him and was very impressed as well as my doctor, about how I progressed. After the first treatment I could tell this was the therapy I should have been doing all along. I would highly recommend Andrew. I have been to other massage therapist's in the past for relaxing massages and never knew the medical side of a massage and the benefits that it could achieve. Andrew is very knowledgeable and I owe him the progress of my complete healing.

“What is back pain? My back is much better! No pain for this client! And have been doing some lifting, yet very carefully.

Although back pain has been not a complaint for most of the last couple of months. There is minor flare up from time to time, but not worth taking a pill for. Yeah!” M.A.

“ I have had constant pain I have lived with for years and since seeing Andrew Wolfe at Harmony Licensed Massage Therapy I feel normal again. I've tried everything short of surgery and seeing Andrew has been the best thing I have found to alleviate my pain. My only regret is that I didn't find him sooner!“ E.L. of Marysville WA

 No more back pain! Andrew is a miracle worker!!


I can't thank you enough for the help that you have given me. I was experiencing sever back pain that was traveling down my leg. There were days I could not bear to stand on my own feet. I had someone drive me to my first several appointments to see you because the pain was so great. I saw you over 3 weeks 2 to 3 times a week. I even made an appointment to get an injection in my back. But I was able to cancel it because I was in NO MORE PAIN, thanks to you. What I needed was deep massage. I have had rolfing and other deep work, but I never had a deep tissue massage like what you gave. Andrew you are a miracle worker! I am so glad I found you!


This was my first experience working with harmony massage. I had an injury from a auto accident last year and was in need of serious therapy. When I arrived at the office the atmosphere was pleasant. I actually got to meet with the owner of the company Andrew Wolfe. He was very professional and explained how massage therapy was beneficial for specific injuries. After my session I felt revived and refreshed and pretty much pain free. The pricing was more then reasonable for the services offered. Harmony massage therapy in Arlington will definitely be my therapist from this point on. Thanks Andrew for the great work.


"Your hands are magnetic they know exactly where to go to find the source of my pain. I get great relief."


- J.N. Marysville, WA


"I have seen dozens of massage therapist who claim they do "deep tissue massage" and have been disappointed, but Andrew delivers. He is the best!"


- M.A. Bellingham, WA

Andrew has helped me with my fibromyalgia. He has been an important


advocate in maintaining my life and managing my pain."


- C.N. Marysville, WA


"I have traveled local and abroad and have seen other massage therapist, but no one gives a massage like Andrew. He is truly gifted at what he does."


- C.C. Stanwood, WA

“I give high recommendations for Andrew. The pain I had when I first started going to Andrew no longer exist due to the medical massage I received from him. That was two years ago and I continue to see him on a regular basis to help with stress. Andrew does a great job and his professionalism is top notch! “ 1/4/11 Valerie Gerry

“I first saw Andrew Wolfe several years ago because of back problems. I was able to get great relief after seeing him. I have been to other therapist since then who offered specials and been very disappointed. I have been back to Andrew now and have no plans to seek out any other therapist. With a few extra dollars it makes sense for me to invest in seeing Andrew and getting results than seeing another therapist. Seeking out any one else is simply a waste of my time and money. Andrew is a stellar therapist. He knows WAY more than anyone else in his field.”

Congratulations! Your service listing "Professional massage therapist over 24 years- 1987" is ranked #1 among massage therapists in Everett by Thumbtack.com

You can see for yourself here:


Best quality massage therapist I ever been to!:

I had insurance coverage and saw Andrew. I was very surprised at the care I received. It was outstanding! I had no idea how effective massage therapy was. I know now I have been going to the wrong therapist in the past, but I now KNOW the difference after visiting Andrew Wolfe. I wished I started with his care first and avoided wasting my time seeing other therapists.


The perfect massage therapist for rehabilitation from knee surgery!


by Cheryl barron - 11/03/2011

After knee surgery I had 6 weeks of physical therapy which served only to cause further inflammation. Then I found Andrew! His deep tissue massage is exactly the right therapy, and I am now having rapid healing and great progress. Thank you so much Andrew!

C B from Camano Island



from Everett WA
If there was an Olympic event for massage therapy Andrew Wolfe would win the GOLD-hands down. I have seen him off and on since 1982 for injuries and ailments that have arisen over the years with much relief with his therapy. He is the reason why I have able to live pain free.




















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Average Rating:

Rating: 5
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Rating: 5

phenomenal massage therapist!

Andrew Wolfe is without question the best massage therapist that has worked with me. After a serious motor vehicle accident, Andrew helped to bring my upper body into perfect mobility. The emphasis was on breaking down scar tissue and focusing on the area of injury. I would highly recommend Andrew to anyone who is looking for rehabilitation --- since the results I experienced were phenomenal. Holly Lyman
- Holly Lyman (10/01/09)
  • See location on map
    16410 Smokey Point Blvd Suite 303
    Cumulus Park Health Care Center,
    Arlington, WA 98223

    Exit 206 head east off exit to main intersection of 172nd/Smokey Point Blvd (Safeway and 7-11 on corner). Head south @1 mile. Building is first of 2 buildings on right hand side of the street. Pull into first parking lot. Harmony Licensed Massage Therapy is located on the top floor;suite 303. Bus route stops in front of building,wheelchair accesible building,free lighted parking.

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