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Physicians Plus Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation - Chicago's Active Release Techniques (ART) Specialists
1700 W. Diversey Pkwy 2W
Chicago, IL 60614

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Physicians Plus Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation - Chicago's Active Release Techniques (ART) Specialists

Dr. Timothy Marando

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Certifications: Active Release Techniques (ART), Graston Technique, McKenzie Method, A-D
Skills: Active Release Technique, Chiropractic, Naturopathy
Ailments Treated:
Acne - "Research has found that Acne and diet go hand in hand. Determining what affects you in combination of the apporpriate therapy, you will see quick changes."
Allergies - "Either environmental or food allergies, determining the cause and detoxing the body can really make a difference in your everyday life. Natural supplementation avoids the nasty side-effects of OTC's."
Anxiety - "Anxiety can be tough to deal with, however sometimes addressing simple lifestyle changes can really make a difference in dealing with exacerbations."
Arthritis - "Reduced motion and pain with motion can be helped by releasing tissues surrounding the painful joints. Supporting the joint is also necessary and can be achieved through the correct supplementation."
Back Pain - "Determining the source of pain is essential to finding the proper care. "
Carpal Tunnel - "Commonly caused by muscles and nerves with adhesions which responds well to ART and Graston. Remember since you feel the pain in the wrist, it doesn't mean that is where is comes from."
Constipation - "Irregular bowels can really make each day uncomfortable. Many times the cause is simple dietary changes, but for more serious episodes natural therapy can offer quick and relieving care."
Depression - "Although I can't cure depression, conservative care such as dietary/lifestyle modifications and possible supplementation may be the change you need to break any unwanted patterns."
Fibromyalgia - "Since there is no common agreement to the cause, treatments such as soft tissue release, manipulation along with dietary/lifestyle changes and supporting supplementation can really ease the discomfort"
Frozen Shoulder - "Responds best to conservative treatments such as ART, Graston and functional rehabilitation which quickly and effectively release the tissue reducing pain and increasing range of motion."
Gas / Bloating - "Commonly is related to food intolerances, however can be caused by poor gut flora. Restoring the integrity of the intestinal lining can really make life easier."
Headaches / Migraines - "Most commonly due muscle tension arising from the neck and shoulders and is relieved with ART and adjusting. However a comprehensive evaluation is required to understand the true cause."
Hip Pain / Bursitis - "Hip pain can arise from the hip itself, the low back, the knees or poor biomechanics. Bursitis can be approached by releasing the taught tissues surrounding the bursa for free smooth motion."
Infertility - "Understanding why conception is not occuring is the key to treatment. Natural supplementation can help to boost sperm count and viability and nurture the female body."
Insomnia - "Most commonly has a lifestyle, emotional or physical component. Identifying these factors can help you fall asleep, continue to sleep and wake rested. "
IT Band Syndrome - "Most commonly experienced by athletes, however can afflict people of any age or activity. This condition frequently arises from the knee or hip therefore a biomechanical analysis is essential."
Knee Pain - "Like IT Band syndrome biomechanical is essential to determine the source of pain, although pain with a combination of ART, Gaston, Kinesio taping and rehabiliation."
Menstrual Pain - "Identifying the cause is essential to the right treatment. Hormonal support, pain relieving supplementation and regularizing the menstral cycle can offer relief."
Neck Pain - "Like low back pain, determining the cause is essential to the treatment. Finding the best treatment for your condition produces the best result which may include ART, Graston, adjusting and rehab."
Panic Attacks - "Not to sound like a broken record however lifestyle/dietary modification, botanical, homeopathy and supplementation can help to make a benefit in your daily life."
Plantar Fasciitis - ""Foot biomechanics is the common denominator this conditon, however the result is tissue aggravation that causes the pain. Breaking up the tissue and reducing inflammation produces the best results."
Sciatica - ""A common term given to pain down the leg, however more likely then not this condition arises from the back. McKenzie evaluation has produced relieve when no other therapy has touched the pain."
Scoliosis - ""Scoliotic curves are rarely reduced, however reducing pain and increasing joint motion can significantly improve your daily living and activities."
Shin Splints - "Can be caused by many factors; running on uneven ground, poor foot support, flat feet or poor biomechanics. Therefore evaluating these factors and relieving the stressed tissues can get you moving."
Stress - "Stress is a factor of life that in some aspects is necessary, however when you get bombarded your health declines. Addressing key aspects of lifestyle and nutritional changes can help you work through"
Tendonitis - "Most commonly is due to overactive tissues that develop adhesions. Treatments such as ART and Graston help reduce pain and increase range of motion."
TMJ Syndrome - "Many times deep muscles in the oral cavity are the culprit ."
Whiplash - "Joint dysfunction and tissue damage result in reduced range of motion and pain. The quicker conservative care is initiated there is a reduced chance of developing chronic dysfunction."

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