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Northern Virginia Ayurvedic Healing
243 Church St NW, Suite 200A
Vienna, VA 22180

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Northern Virginia Ayurvedic Healing

Ileana Gonzalez

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Skills: Health Assessment, Garshana, Lymphatic Drainage, Nasya, Svedana, Udvartana
Ailments Treated:
Acne, Allergies, Anxiety - "The abhyanga massage is aimed at deep relaxation which acts as a mental, emotional, and physical release."
Arthritis - "The abhyanga massage uses medicated oils which soothe the joints and helps reduce pain "
Back Pain - "Kati vasti medicated oil treatment for lower back. Abhyanga massage relaxes and releases tension, while strengthening muscles and lubricating joints"
Constipation - "Ayurvedic diet"
Depression - "Shirodhara is very efficient to relieve stress and stress related side-effects like burnout, insomnia, depression, emotional disorder, fatigue, anxiety, headache, excessive thinking and nervousness. "
Fibromyalgia - "Panchakarma for natural cleansing and pain relief"
Gas / Bloating - "Ayurvedic diet herbal supplements"
Headaches / Migraines - "shirodhara"
Insomnia, Neck Pain - "shiro abhyanga neck head and shoulder massage"
Panic Attacks, Stress, TMJ Syndrome - "Nasya karma "

Member Since 06/05/12

Experience: 7
Languages (other than English): Spanish
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Visit my Website: http://www.ApurvaWellness.com

Experienced ayurvedic practitioner, trained in India offering traditional ayurveda techniques in Northern Virginia (DC metro area). 703-667-0465

Price List

traditional ayurvedic treatments

abhyanga - 80

full body warm oil massage using long, soft strokes

abhyanga for weight loss - 100

Great for melting fat & losing weight. includes steam

shirodhara - 130

a steady, rhythmic pouring of oil on the forehead

Panchakarma -

bhyanga massage + shirodhara + nasya karma + herbal steam bath .  $250 (1st session, includes brief assessment), $225 all other sessions


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