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Licensed Massage Therapist (Advanced Clinical Therapist)
3119 W 42nd Place
Chicago, IL 60632

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Licensed Massage Therapist (Advanced Clinical Therapist)

Ivan Zavala

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Certifications: Advanced Thai Therapist, Myoskeletal Practitioner
Skills: Massage Therapist, Asian Bodywork, Chair Massage, Facial Massage, Thai Massage
Ailments Treated:
Arthritis - "Massage is good for helping the person manage their arthritis"
Back Pain - "By stretching the back it relieves tight, knotty muscles causing pain. By finding the root of the problem back pain disappears. "
Carpal Tunnel - "The tendons, and retinaculum, as well as carpal joints become irritated as well as neck muscles shooting apin down the arm. By stretching out the muscles, your pain disappears."
Constipation - "By massaging the intestines, and abdomen it greatly helps regulate intestinal lack of. "
Frozen Shoulder - "Since this is lost of ROM, and very tight muscles, a therapist slowly helps increase the ROM, and help and scapula and shoulder moving again"
Headaches / Migraines - "By releasing the occiput, suboccipital muscles, temporals, frontal bone, and fascia in the scap tension is released, and the headache feels better. "
Hip Pain / Bursitis - "Range of Motion is Restored by Compression, Rotation, and joint mobilization techniques, causing the hip joint to have more mobility "
IT Band Syndrome, Knee Pain - "Knee pain can be caused by a Quad pulling on the knee laterally, causing the ligaments and tendons to inflame, and degenerate the joint. It can be caused by trigger points in the surrounding tissue. "
Neck Pain - "Neck pain can be caused by many things. By directly and painlessly finding the problem, many neck problems go away. "
Plantar Fasciitis - "The plantar fascia can be slowly taken away from its painful, inflamed state, into healthy pain free tissue again"
Sciatica - "The piriformis muscle is usually contracted tight, and compressign the sciatic nerver. This is termed piriformis syndrome"
Scoliosis - "By strengthening weak muscles, and releasign tight mucles, as well as helping mobilize locked joints this helps the curve. "
Stress - "Massage is great for stress, and relaxation"
Tendonitis - "By treating the tendons with external formulas, and distal massage the tendons recover faster"
TMJ Syndrome, Vertigo - "By helping the blood, and qi to move downward instead of up this helps with the dizziness. "

Member Since 11/09/12

Experience: 2
Languages (other than English): Spanish
Job Status: Business Looking to Hire Full Time
Visit my Website: http://painrelief.massageplanet.com

Having experieced tremendous benefit from bodywork I myself am pleased to be able to offer such a powerful healing tool. I too was skeptical of the power of manual therapy, but having received treatment I then became an advocate. I then trained in what I believe to be the most powerful massage styles, mainly Tuina, Thai, Shiatsu, Craniosacral, and others. I have equipped myself with an array of treatment tools for all types of pains and discomforts, as well as stress related relaxation based techniques that treat the muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints, and even more importantly the energetic component of the body's/ meridians and energetic pathways. I enjoy helping people reach a better level of functional ability to be able to move through life with relative ease, and no pain. What makes me different is the approach is to the deepest part of the body, which is what gives the body the ability to be a form. Having graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine I was given vast training in perspectives not known to many Westerners, but have been practiced for thousands of years by others in the world.

Chronic pain conditions of muscoloskeletal origin are my focus, and through asian bodywork integrated with western modalities there is a chance for transformation for those in pain

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