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Cheryl Tyler

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Certifications: I-ACT Certified Colon Hydro Therapist
Skills: Colon Hydrotherapy, Nutritionist

Member Since 01/21/10

Experience: 15 Years Colon Hydrotherapy
Visit my Website: http://www.infinityhealthwellness.com

Infinity Health & Wellness Center Colon Hydrotherapy

Feel lighter, cleaner and healthier – A Holistic approach

At Infinity Health & Wellness Center, we provide a gentle, warm, relaxing setting. We offer information on colonics, nutrition, proper food combinations, and beneficial supplements. We are not a spa, but a highly specialized digestive health center focused on helping you achieve digestive health - naturally. As Certified Colon Therapists and members of the International Association of Colon Therapists, we offer the most current advances in Colonics in Philadelphia using state of the art and FDA registered devices. We utilize the “open gravity fed” colonic system affording the client privacy & control.  We use an advanced water purification system to assure you of the absolute purest cleanse. We ensure a sterile environment, and guard your modesty, and integrity. The procedure is as relaxing as a massage: some listen to their ipods, read books, use their cell phones, doze off, or simply meditate.


A normal colon therapy session at our East Falls center lasts about one hour.  We are currently offering a Colonic Special @ $55 (Normally $75). To start, most clients have three colonics within ten days. By doing the first three colonics within ten days, the client will be able to hydrate the impacted fecal matter and potentially have more evacuations. Each client is an individual with unique needs.  There is no mandatory number of colonic sessions.


Colon Health

A Colonic is a holistic procedure that involves the introduction of purified warm water gently into the large intestine or colon for internal cleansing using FDA approved equipment by trained, certified staff.  Colon hydrotherapy serves to remove mucous plus some of their longstanding, caked-on fecal matter which contains hidden bacteria, parasites, Candida albicans-filled pockets, and other such pathological materials.  If this waste is not expelled, it may compromise other organs such as the liver, kidneys, skin, lungs, lymph system, & can trigger a variety of illnesses.  The average adult American is carrying between 10 to 50 lbs of toxic waste, mostly concentrated in the colon (5.5 to 6ft in length).  Colon cancer is the nation’s #2 cancer killer.  Approximately 90% of all emergency room visits deal with digestive issues. Conditions known to respond well to colon hydrotherapy include: donut belly, allergies, memory lapses, ADD, joint aches, arthritis, fibroids, pot belly, bloating, fibromyalgia, body & breath odor, memory loss, constipation, colitis, diarrhea, fatigue, asthma, diverticulitis, heartburn, acne, & insomnia.  (part of Martha’s Vineyard 21 day Detox)


-Cheryl Tyler, Founder & Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, Infinity Health & Wellness Center

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Colon Hydrotherapy Session

Session - $55

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