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1948 S. Glenstone, Suite 110
Springfield, MO 65804

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Christy Claybaker

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Skills: Deep Tissue Massage, Aromatherapy & Essential Oils, Breathwork, Chair Massage, Esthetician, Facial, Kinesiology, Massage Therapist, Meditator, Personal Chef, Prenatal Massage, Salt Scrub, Sports Massage, Swedish Massage

Member Since 10/31/10

Experience: 8
Visit my Website: http://www.iBodyWellness.com

In 2001, shortly after marriage, Christy & her husband moved to Chattanooga, TN.  While working for a hectic law office at the time, she found herself searching for something to help her achieve balance and manage her stress.  She found a massage school and attended classes on the weeknights and performed clinical massages on the weekends.  Although she wasn’t able to finish the course due to the demand in work hours, they moved back to Springfield about a year later and she started classes all over again.

In the Fall of 2003, she graduated from the School of Massage Arts with her certification and is now nationally certified and licensed to practice in the state of Missouri.  She’s completed continuing education in several areas including sports massage, deep tissue massage, passive stretching and spa therapy.  For about six years, she co-owned and helped manage a five-room wellness and yoga studio called Life Essentials Wellness Center.  Seeking simplification, she now has her own small wellness studio and finds this helps compliment her personal wellness goals.

Her massage style incorporates techniques picked up over the years.  Each session could include Swedish relaxation massage, deep tissue and muscle stripping, passive stretching, aroma and heat therapy.  It really just depends on who is on the table and what is going on in their life that day.

Price List

Massage Therapy

iBody 30 Minute Massage - 40.00
iBody 60 Minute Massage - 60.00
iBody 75 Minute Massage - 75.00
iBody 90 Minute Massage - 90.00


Unwind - 10.00

Available as an add-on only, this aromatherapy breathwork session added to a massage will help you to relax and find mental balance before getting on the massage table, allowing you to get more out of your massage.


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