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Healthy Living Expert & Gourmet Chef
Chicago, IL 60640

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Healthy Living Expert & Gourmet Chef

Milan Perry

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Certifications: Professional Cooking/Nutritional Cuisines, Herbalist, Holistic Health Practitioner
Skills: Naturopathy, Aromatherapy & Essential Oils, Herbal Therapy, Life Coach, Personal Chef, Retreat
Ailments Treated:
Allergies - "Nutrition therapy, herbal or supplementation"
Arthritis - "Use of nutrition therapy or herbal medicine to reduce inflammation"
Constipation - "Nutrition therapy or herbal support"
Fibromyalgia - "Reduce or ameliorate symptoms of inflammation through diet and herbal therapy "
Gas / Bloating - "Understanding which foods are causing irritation to the digestive system. "
Headaches / Migraines - "Address the whole body in particular providing support to the nervous system."
Insomnia - "In-depth discussion with client to find the cause and deal with it, sometimes using herbal therapy"
Menstrual Pain - "Relieve symptoms associated with Menstrual Pain targeting diet and using herbal therapy."
Stress - "Normalize and support the nervous system through herbal therapy or relaxation techniques."

Member Since 05/27/11

Languages (other than English): French
Visit my Website: http://www.SoNaturelle.com

Specialize in Long-Distance Healthy and in-person Living Expert for women over 40.

Holiday Special!  1/2 Day Intensive - From Now until January 15, 2016 get 20% off all services.  Not good with any other coupons or discounts. http://www.sonaturellewellness.com/create-your-stress-free-lifestyle-after-40/

Milan C. Perry has been a Holistic Health Practitioner since 2009, with special focus as a Master Herbalist (5 years), including alternative therapies such as mindful meditation, bio-chemical supplemental symptomology, weight loss and cancer support therapy. She is Wellness Expert and Gourmet Chef, guiding her clients to wellness mind + body + spirit. 


Special offers available for VIP 1 Day Intensives (virtual or in-person Chicago) where we dig deep into your life to discover what is making you feel off-sync in your body. 

“I believe that wellness is a journey and not a destination”. Learn to nurture –YOU!  My ultimate goal is for YOU to take control of your own health management—in the MOST NATURAL WAY possible.” I work with U.S. and International clients that are READY to invest in themselves. What is the meaning behind my program names? My packages are all named after herbs which is what I use with my clients as needed.

A lack of knowledge as to what is really causing your body to feel stressed on a deeper level can only cause you problems unnecessarily.

I do not prescribe, treat or attempt to cure any disease. I compliment traditional “allopathic” medical treatments with “naturopathic” therapies.

For your FREE consultation and to see if we are a good match please schedule yourself on our calendar http://www.sonaturellewellness.com/schedule-an-appointment/ and you will be contacted within 48 hours. We only work with a few clients each month to give you the personalized service that you desire.

See Website http://sonaturelle.com/index.html

Price List


~BALA Platinum Package~ -

In 90 days feel and look better in your clothes; without dieting, or counting calories.

YOU will discover…

  • How to stay committed to yourself
  • How to kick addictive habits/cravings
  • How to lose weight without dieting
  • How to dine out without feeling guilty

ADD-ON: 1-on-1 Healthy Dining Out /Shopping experience in Beautiful Chicago, designed to boost your confidence and feel comfortable about your choices. Informative, deep and transformative — A healthy lifestyle awaits YOU – if YOU ARE ready to invest in your health and become your Ideal Self!


~CANNELLE Lifestyle Design~ -


Mindful Living Meditation & Wellness 1 VIP Day change how you feel to how your desire.

YOU will understand…

  • How to de-stress at the end of your day
  • How to stop eating when under stress
  • How to create time for you again as priority
  • How to add a morning ritual of meditation

As a busy professional woman with limited time, sometimes you just need 1 session to get clarity on your most pressing problem. How about a Lifestyle Intensive where we dig deep and clear away where you feel stuck in your lifestyle and wellness so you can move forward. Mind + Body = harmony!

7 Weeks to ‘Chic and Healthy After 40’ -


Ready to get your inner chic woman back so you can travel without the guilt of not eating healthy.

With your chic experience…

  • You’ll deepen your approval of body image
  • Learn to eat healthy while traveling
  • Fit into chic clothes on vacation
  • Get down 2 dress sizes in 7 weeks

Starting with week  1 & 2 of finding your “Inner Chic” you will learn easy strategies to get you slimmer. If you enjoy dining out to great restaurants and drinking great wines. This is for you to let your inner chic woman experience your loves but lose 10-20 lbs and de-stress at the same time.


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