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From my heart
All over the world., MT 59105

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Skills: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Chakra Balancing, Energy Work, Reiki
Ailments Treated:

Member Since 03/17/14

Experience: Nine years in the natural healing fields. Massage, Reiki, and meridian tapping

I was born with an empathic mission and vision in life,

Help people heal, grow, achieve, and BE their best selves,

Connecting their soul's dreams, bringing into reality the

highest good for ALL.


Tapping by phone is preferred.




Price List
Self-Healing by phone - $67.00

A half hour stress-relief tapping, to bring your

SOUL back into balance.



All payments mailed by check or money order to:

Renee Talbot

po box 50941

Billings, MT, 59105

Self-healing by phone #2

Soul reconnecting, rebalancing soul spa - $100.00

Fifty minutes of soul connecting by phone.

I am here to listen and help YOU heal.

Payments. -

All payments by check sent to:

Renee Talbot

po box 50941

Billings, MT, 59105

Healing club Special

Healing club special - $175.00

Two hours of distance Reiki healing a month.

Pay only when you feel better,



All payments made in checks mailed to:

Renee Talbot, po box 50941, Billings, MT, 59105.

Healing by phone #1 - $67.00

A quick, laser session, focussed on anything YOU want.



All payments by check or money order sent to:

Renee Talbot

po box 50941

Billings, MT, 59105

Soul Singing

Overnight support - $350.00

I will support you on the night dreams, seeking what your Soul dreams of and connecting these dreams with YOUR current reality.

Regular cost $700.00 for four hours.

Reiki for Pets

Your pet deserves Healing, Too. - $47.00

Once a month fifty minute distance Reiki to spoil your pampered pet.


Check or money orders sent to:

Renee Talbot

po box 50941, Billings, MT


Plants :)

Plants - $10.00-$15.00

Who says your garden doesn't deserve a pick me up?

For greener greens, try this on for size.


Checks mailed to

Renee Talbot

po box 50941 Billings, MT. 59105

Business Healing

Business Clearing - $500.00

What business couldn't use a smoother employee working environment?  Or clearing for new ideas?

Sit back, relax, receive, and you Will get your most knotty problem worked out.

Price guarantee. 

You don't have to pay anything until business is running more smoothly.


Checks and money orders mailed to:

Renee Talbot

po box 50941

Billings, MT, 59105

For Business start-ups

Business Start up special. - Pay as you go $500.00

For those in the working world,

Reiki clearing does wonders for business startups, all the way from clearing out office spaces to increasing clients.

If you are just starting in the business field, I would be happy to work with YOU.

All you have to do is send a note saying you wish to join the program, and I will send you back a note with your scheduled clearing day.

You can pay as you go.

All I wish from you, besides payment, is an emailed testimonial, plus, ten percent payment of your first operating checks.

May You continue to be Blessed,






Check and money orders once satisfied,

can be sent to:

Renee Talbot

PO box 50941

Billings, MT, 59105



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    HealingSpiritTransformations by Phone
    From my heart
    to YOURS
    All over the world., MT 59105

    My work is primarily done over the phone.

    It is safe, you don't have to go anywhere, AND,

    When YOU are ready to grow and empower YOURSELF,

    anything is possible.

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