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Guided Imagery for Relaxation and Healing
200 Sawmill Road
Suite 202 A
Raleigh, NC 27615

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Guided Imagery for Relaxation and Healing

Glenda Cedarleaf

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Certifications: MSW LICSW
Skills: Health Coach, Counselor
Ailments Treated:
Addiction - "Guided Imagery is a proven method for invoking the relaxation response and supporting behavioral changes"
Anxiety - "Listening to guided imagery on a daily basis helps to reduce anxiety."
Depression - "Guided Imagery and specifically customized audios help you to reinforce healing images and suggestions that access hope and inspiration."
Insomnia - "My audios are effective in relaxing the mind and body"
Panic Attacks, Stress

Member Since 01/12/11

Experience: 30
Visit my Website: http://www.guidedimagerycd.com

To Fellow Healers,

My guided meditation/imagery audios will help your clients learn how to self soothe, go inward, be inspired and improve their sleep. You can easily become an affiliate and receive 50% sale of my audios.

I am a Holistic Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Guided Imagery Practitioner. In addition to my private practice as a therapist, I create customized and pre made guided imagery audios to promote healing and relaxation.

 Please check out my website---and also  receive free audio for signing up.

"Your Healing Journey" and "Healing Surgery" offer over 75 minutes and 5 tracks of beautiful ambient music, professionally crafted images and suggestions to support you and your clients at a deep level.  These audios are a perfect accompaniment to body work and will support your treatment process. 

 My CD's can be purchased in bulk and resold at Spas and other Healing Businesses.

They are provided to patients, clients customers and students in hospitals, physician's offices, yoga studios, chiropractors and physical therapy offices. My Healing Surgery CD is recently provided at the Mayo Clnic Medical Store.

 Please visit my website www.guidedimagerycd.com to experience the quality of music, voice, imagery and guidance. I think you will be pleased.

Price List

Your Healing Journey CD or download $20

Healing Surgery CD $20

Guided Imagery for Letting Go $20

Freedom From Emotional Eating - $20

5 Powerful Hypnotic exercises for creating a healthy relationship with eating, your body, movement and hydration.

Inspiring, soothing, motivation

A Guided Oasis for the Mid-Life Woman $20 CD

Harnessing the Power of Intention: Healing Imagery for Living Well with Lyme Disease $20 - $20 MP3 or CD

This audio is for people living wih Lyme who want

specific tools for calming the stress response and visiualizing healing. The affirmations on this track were co written with Dr. Karen Vrchota who specializes in working with patients living with Lyme.


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    Our Location
    200 Sawmill Road
    Suite 202 A
    Raleigh, NC 27615

    I offer coaching and counseling that incorporates imagery for healing. Clients can schedule in office and phone and Skype sessions.

    I create customized imagery audios as well as offer premade audios for deep healing.

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