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Certifications: Anat Baniel Method Practitioner, Pilates, Personal Trainer
Skills: Anat Baniel Method, Personal Training, Pilates
Ailments Treated:
Allergies - "Breathing can become an issue with allergies. Movement of the spine/ribcage can assist in breathing. Many variations of breathing are utilized."
Arthritis - "Using slow gentle movements. Seeking freedom of movement and lessening of discomfort, pain and inflamation."
Back Pain - "Anat Baniel Method creates movement only in what you can do comfortably and builds on that. All pain is addressed as a 'whole system' rather than the pain itself."
Fibromyalgia - "The gentleness of ABM work is excellent for movement for anyone with fibromyagia!"
Frozen Shoulder - "Utilizing ABM and discovering freedom of the ribs, neck and back can aid in healing/movement of a frozen shoulder. I will work around the body, not on the site of pain."
Headaches / Migraines - "Awakening the spine and central nervous system can sometimes calm headaches."
Hip Pain / Bursitis - "Slow, gentle movement of the remainder of the person around the pain can alleviate/calm the pain site."
IT Band Syndrome - "Exploring what this syndrome has to do with how you move your body as a whole and what are the other ways you could possible use yourself in movement so the pain is not there."
Knee Pain - "Looking for ways to move the rest of the body and build relationships elsewhere to alleviate/calm the pain."
Neck Pain - "Slow, gentle movement of the entire body relative to the neck pain can ease discomfort."
Sciatica - "Very very small gentle movement elsewhere in the body to start calming and then discover ways to move around the site."
Scoliosis - "Learning to move yourself as you are to maintain a full free lifestyle. Working with the curves, not against them."
Stress - "Movement and the attention to movement calms down the system."

Member Since 05/15/11

Experience: Pilates: 13 years, ABM 2+years
Job Status: Practitioner Looking for Full Time Work
Visit my Website: http://fivelinesinc.com
Price List

Pilates Private Session $80.00/hour

Pilates Mat Class $20.00 drop in

Anat Baniel Method private session $100.00/hour

Anat Baniel Method group class $25.00 drop in


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