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Elixir Mind Body Massage
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Elixir Mind Body Massage

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Certifications: All Elixir therapists are licensed by the state of Colorado
Skills: Massage Therapist, Acupuncture, Aromatherapy & Essential Oils, Chair Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Cupping, Deep Tissue Massage, Facial Massage, Gua Sha, Homeopathy, Hot Stone Therapy, Moxibustion, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy
Ailments Treated:
Anxiety - "Lavender Steam Massage combines massage, steam and essential oils for a perfect treatment for insomnia, stress or anxiety. Very balancing. 60 or 90 min. $100-$150"
Arthritis - "Pain Relief Steam Massage utilizes Ayurvedic Mahanarayan Oil and Body Mud to soothe areas affected. The combination of steam, massage and minerals is perfect for chronic pain. 60 or 90 min $105-$157"
Carpal Tunnel - "Techie Tweak Massage. Treat repetitive strain pain with a 30 min back, neck and shoulder massage followed by a 30 min hand and arm massage using Muscle Ice gel to relieve muscle pain. $80"
Headaches / Migraines - "Add a Face "
Insomnia - "Lavender Steam Massage combines massage, steam and essential oils for a perfect treatment for insomnia, stress or anxiety. Very balancing. 60 or 90 min. $100-$150"
Tendonitis - "Techie Tweak Massage. Treat repetitive strain pain with a 30 min back, neck and shoulder massage followed by a 30 min hand and arm massage using Muscle Ice gel to relieve muscle pain. $80"

Member Since 05/09/10

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From the moment you step through Elixir's doors, you’ll leave the world outside.

Let the sounds of soothing water and gentle music envelop you as our experienced team of licensed and specially trained massage therapists greet you. With a goal of making you feel pampered, never rushed, your personal therapist will individualize your massage to meet your particular needs with every massage.

 Elixir's company culture supports our guest’s healthy lifestyle.  Elixir massage services provide the very powerful link between feeling good and being well.

Elixir Massage: The Antidote For Your Everyday

Price List

The Essentials

Elixir Massage - 30 min $45 60 min $75 90 min $112

Based on traditional Swedish massage techniques developed nearly two centuries ago, our Elixir massage features firm, yet calming pressure that increases circulation, eases muscle tension and improves flexibility. Let your therapist know what your body is experiencing and they'll combine multiple modalities and pressure to suit your needs.

Chair Massage - 15 min $18 30 min $35

Take a quick break from your busy day. With a focus on the upper body including arms, hands, shoulders, neck, scalp and back, a chair massage is the ideal reprieve. You will remain fully clothed and no creams or oils are used.

Specialty Massages

The Athlete's Antidote - 45 min $65 60 min $85 90 min $127

Elixir's Sports Massage is a combination of massage and passive stretching customized for your specific sport or principal muscle group being used most. Muscle Comfort Aromatherapy is utilized throughout the massage to soothe and quiet muscles. We finish with an application of Arnica Gel to facilitate muscle endurance, relieve the pain of intense activity and support tissue healing after heavy use. Take home a stretching handout  customized for you, your sport and activity level.

Hot Stone Massage - 60 min $85 90 min $127

A deeply soothing massage of long flowing strokes using hot smooth volcanic stones. The stones are also placed on the body so the warmth of the stones penetrates into the muscles to release tightness, ease aches and soothe away stress. Perfect for recovery and relaxation.

Hot Lava Shell Massage - 60 min $90

Self-heating shells are combined with classic Swedish massage techniques to create a warming, aromatic and therapeutic full body treatment. With the shells' unique edging, your therapist will be able to trigger pressure points and unwind deep knots - relieving all that ails. This amazing treatment calms the mind and body, whisking you away to a tropical oasis.

Couples Massage - 60 min $170 90 min $255

Experience a luxurious aromatherapy massage for two performed by two different therapists in our Couple's Suite. If you're looking to get away for a special occasion or intimate rendezvous, this massage is for you! Great for couples, siblings, a girlfriend getaway or mothers and daughters, too!

Hot Lava Couples Massage - 60 min $210

Enjoy an Elixir escape together with our Hot Lava Shell Couples Massage. This soothing treatment will send both of you off on a mini -vacation for your body and mind. Indulge your senses with your choice of aromatherapy and the smooth comforting warmth of the self- heating sea shells. Take a Hot Lava Shell Kit home with you to keep the heat alive (complete with shell, re-chargers, and instructions)!

Classic Steam Massage - 60 min $90 90 min $135

Steam, aromatherapy and massage-there’s no better way to relax both mentally and physically. Your therapist will massage your body then perform a soothing face and scalp massage while your body luxuriates in a canopy of herbal steam.

Relaxing Lavender Steam Massage - 60 min $100 90 min $150

Lavender and relaxation are virtually synonymous. The combination of massage, steam, dried lavender flowers and lavender essential oil is both restful and healing. This is the perfect treatment for insomnia, stress or anxiety.

Pain Relief Steam Massage - 60 min $105 90 min $157

Enjoy a targeted massage with Ayurvedic Mahanarayan Oil and Body Mud to soothe the specific areas affected with joint and muscle pain. Once your steam is complete, an application of JointEase Oil  will continue your therapeutic relief. For chronic pain or conditions we recommend you receive a weekly series of this service for four to six weeks for longer lasting results.

Pre-Natal Massage - 60 min $85 90 min $127

Designed specifically for the mother-to-be, this massage is similar to a Swedish massage with a focus on relieving specific discomforts such as backaches, swelling, bloating and leg cramps. This nurturing massage helps reduce fatigue by increasing circulation and drainage. For this treatment, we've carefully selected the Mama Mio line of products to promote elasticity and suppleness of the skin. This service is available only for women experiencing a healthy pregnancy in their 2nd or 3rd trimester.

Techie Tweak - 60 minutes: $80

Hand strain can be a real pain

Treat Blackberry Thumb, Nintendonitis or any Repetitive Strain Pain caused by PDAs, computers or games with a 30 minute Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage combined with a 30 minute Hand and Arm Massage. Muscle Ice gel with Arnica and Menthol is applied throughout the massage to relieve muscle aches and pains.


Reflexology - 15 min: $20 30 min: $40

This treatment focuses on points in the hand and feet to provide full body relief.  Great addition to any massage.

Aromatherapy - $10

Bask in the rich aroma of real essential oils.  Add to any massage and experience the uplifting combination of touch and smell. 

Face & Scalp Massage - 15 min: $20 30 min: $40

Relaxing yet invigorating.  Calms anxiety, restores energy and relieves tension headaches.

Dry Brushing - $25: 15 minutes

Improves the lymphatic flow for overall health, rejuventaion and detoxification.  Supporting your largest organ (your skin) dry brushing eliminates accumulated toxins.  Once your masssage service is complete, the brush is yours to take home with instructions for incorporating into your daily routine for optimal health.


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