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Scarborough, Trinidad B967H
Trinidad And Tobago

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Rick Santee

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Certifications: N.N.D., C.N.M.
Skills: Retreat, Holistic Nutrition
Ailments Treated:
Acne - "Detoxification Therapy"
Allergies - "Multi Factorial Therapy"
Arthritis - "PH adjustment and mineral support"
Back Pain - "Ph Adjustment, Nutritional Support"
Constipation - "Detoxification and liver therapy"
Gas / Bloating - "Detoxification"
Headaches / Migraines - "Detoxification and mineral support"

Member Since 07/04/18

Experience: 30
Links: Sante Caribe Health and Wellness Centers
Visit my Website: http://www.santecaribe.com



Dir. Santee, known as "The Natural Health Consultant To The Stars," ran a busy office in Beverly Hills, California for ten years before relocating to the Caribbean.

Dir. Santee's star studded clientele included award winning actors, musicians and athletes.

Dir. Santee is a founding member of the World Cancer Organization, having worked

under the auspices of pioneering cancer researcher Dr. Carson Pierce, N.D., M.P.H.

Dir. Santee received an N.N.D. from Pierce Naturopathic College and a Certificate in Nutritional Microscopy.

Dir. Santee is an internationally recognized expert in Live Blood Analysis, Ozone Therapy and Cesium Therapy.

Dir. Santee is the last living descendant of a lineage of Kahuna appointed to the Royal Court of The Kingdom Of Hawaii.

Price List

21 Day All Inclusive Program

21 Day All Inclusive Program - $19,000 USD

We offer all inclusive packages that include all lodging (Double occupancy and family rates available),  food and wellness programs.

For those people who can not join us in person, we offer telephone and email consultations. Contact us for rates.

We also provide referrals to other excellent facilities if our services are not appropriate for your needs.

Please feel free to email us with any questions you may have. We will respond as soon as possible.


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    Scarborough, Trinidad B967H
    Trinidad And Tobago

    At Sante Caribe, we treat the PERSON, not the DISEASE.

    Sante Caribe operates cutting edge, health and wellness retreats on the beautiful Caribbean islands of Nevis, St. Kitts and Tobago. Our programs are designed for discriminating individuals who are seeking highly personalized service. Our island locations are among the most beautiful in the world and were carefully selected to offer a peaceful healing environment.

    We take pride in offering only non-toxic, holistic, and highly effective healing programs for most chronic and degenerative conditions.

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