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Dog Walking and Vacation Care for Chicago's Near North Side
Chicago, IL 60654

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Dog Walking and Vacation Care for Chicago's Near North Side

Get Pet

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Skills: Pet Fitness

Member Since 04/18/10

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Get Pet is happy to serve the near north Chicago neighborhoods of River North, Gold Coast, Old Town, Streeterville and River East with daily dog walking, vacation care and special needs visits.


We are 100% owner operated and pride ourselves on giving personal attention to each of our furry clients. Our goal is to enrich each dog's life through exercise, training and lots of love. A walk is not just a potty break - it's the perfect cure for boredom as well as a great way for your dog to stay fit and healthy.


Kyle is assisted with administrative duties and difficult business decisions by his fun loving Weimaraner, Gatsby, and his micro-managing cat, Dr. Seuss. They help Kyle insure that all services exceed the highest industry standards with an approving bark or meow.


Whether your best friend is still conquering the art of potty training, has difficulty getting around, enjoys a walk regardless of the weather or just gets lonely while you are away, we look forward to every moment we spend building a positive relationship with them. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about our services!


 For a map of our service area, please visit http://getpetchicago.com/services.html

Price List

Daily Walks

Stretch - $10

15-minute visit

Walk - $15

30-minute visit

Hike - $25

1-hour visit


10 Pre-paid Stretches - $80
10 Pre-paid Walks - $120
10 Pre-paid Hikes - $220

Vacation Care

1 Dog - $45/day
2 Dogs - $60/day
1 to 3 Cats - $9/visit

Additional Fees

Daily walks - Additional Dog - $5
Packages - Additional Dog - $30
Walks Before 10am or After 5pm - $3 additional
Weekend Walks - $5 additional
Service on Major Holidays - $15 additional
Same-day Requests Made After 9am - $8 additional

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    Chicago’s Near North Side
    Chicago, IL 60654

    Get Pet serves the near north side of Chicago including River North, Streeterville, Gold Coast, Old Town, and River East.  For a map of our service area, please visit Get Pet

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