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D.H. Reflexology with the Healing Samurai
220 West Huron Street
Suite 4004
Chicago, IL 60654

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D.H. Reflexology with the Healing Samurai

Eric Huffman

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Skills: Reflexology, Qigong, Yoga - Hatha
Ailments Treated:
Anxiety, Back Pain, Infertility, Menstrual Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Stress

Member Since 08/25/11

Experience: 8
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Rating: 5
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Visit my Website: http://www.healingsamurai.com

Eric Huffman ~ The Healing Samurai

Eric combines Japanese, Asian, and contemporary foot reflexology techniques to provide a well rounded alternative therapeutic modality for health and wellness.  He extensively trained in the Japanese form of reflexology called ashiura massaji, in Tokyo, Japan with a renowned master sensei Andou Haruki.  The Healing Samurai has been practicing reflexology since 2004 and has over 15 years experience of teaching meditation, yoga, and alternative health.   Eric has been featured on WICU's "You & Me This Morning", Luxury Spa Finder Magazine, Daily Candy,  UR Chicago, and Metromix's CLTV television program.

What is D.H. Reflexology?   D.H. Reflexology is a safe alternative body work modality based on the ancient principles that points on your feet (called reflex points) connect to all the parts of your body.  By pressing these points in the right way, you can relieve aches and pains, improve your circulation, balance your energy, and relax your body. 

What is it for? Traditionally reflexology has been used to promote greater levels of health and wellness.  You can use reflexology to simply relax or even to relieve various health conditions.  People have used reflexology for conditions like injuries, infertility, chronic pains, sinus problems, IBS, PMS, low energy, circulation problems, and depression.  D.H. reflexology just may be the right alternative solution you’ve been seeking.

Price List

Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology Sessions -

30 minute ~ $55

45 minutes ~ $85

1hour ~ $110

90 minutes~  $160

Onsite Reflexology

1 hour On Site Reflexoloxy - $135

Eric Will come to your location to give you reflexology.  Eric brings his own relaxing portable zero gravity reflexology chair for you to melt into and relax during your session.  Areas serviced:  From Down town Chicago and north side up to Andersonville. $25 travel fee included in price.


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Average Rating:

Rating: 5
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Rating: 5

Best In Wellness

Be Very, Very, Very Clear :: That Your Entire Life Is Dictated By Your Well Being and Most Of Us Are Not Aware of This, That Includes Me. That is Until I Met Eric Huffman, Eric Has Been Working On Me For Years Now and He Has Completely Transformed My Entire Life With The GIFT He Offers Through His Treatments and Counseling. Rarely In A Lifetime Do We Get The Opportunity To Work With Someone With This Level Of Commitment and Passion, Do Something Miraculous For Yourself and Your Loved Ones, Visit With The Healing Samurai, I Promise You, You Won't Regret It!!!! All My Best : O )
- Juan M. Cerda (03/14/12)
Rating: 5

Best Reflexology in town!

Eric Huffman is by far the most highly trained reflexologist in Chicago. Not only is he highly trained, he has the perfect personality for the job. Everyone I have referred to Eric has had an amazing experience and has often reminded me that Eric was the one who made their pain go away. I have a friend who can go jogging again, a friend who had a baby, who was told she never would, a husband whose constant head aches went away, and myself who is relieved of neck pain, all because of Eric! Even if you do not have any issues, there is nothing better than a reflex session. I think of it as taking care of my inside, unlike a body massage that takes care of the outside. He works on every organ. Treat yourself, you probably deserve it!
- B Babcock (08/25/11)
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