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Chicago Massage and Healing
Berwyn and Sheridan Roads
Chicago, IL 60640

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Chicago Massage and Healing

Steve Leary

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Certifications: Orthopedic Massage, Muscle Energy Techniques, NCBTMB, National Academy of Sports Medicine, CPT, CPFT
Skills: Massage Therapist, Active Release Technique, Acupressure, Aromatherapy & Essential Oils, Chair Massage, Chakra Balancing, Counselor, Deep Tissue Massage, Energy Work, Esalen Massage, Facial Massage, Fitness Instructor, Friction Massage, Geriatric Massage, Health Coach, Life Coach, Manual Therapy, Muscle Release Technique, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Massage, Orthopedic Massage, Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, Personal Training, Pet Massage, Physical Therapist, Posture Alignment Therapy, Qigong, Reflexology, Reiki, Sports Massage, Structural Integration, Swedish Massage, TENS Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy
Ailments Treated:
Acne - "Referral out to master herbalist/ physician or esthetician for natural healing remedies."
Allergies - "Referred to Master herbalist/ physician to isolate allergens and reduce allergic reactions. "
Anxiety - "Swedish Massage, Relaxation Techniques, Aromatherapy"
Arthritis - "Specialty products, R3 Oils, Myofascial Release, R3 Gold supplement and teas, herbal all natural cures, "
Back Pain - "Orthopedic massage, myofascial techniques, muscle balancing, MET, gradual Deep Tissue if needed, friction work with ligamentous tissues..."
Carpal Tunnel - "Orthopedic massage techniques, scar tissue breakdown, hand acupressure point therapy, flexor, extensor and upper arm therapeutic techniques."
Constipation - "Orthopedic massage techniques, peristaltic movement techniques, all natural herbal supplementation for colon cleansing. "
Depression, Fibromyalgia - "Orthopedic massage therapy, myofascial work, EFT, Dietary counseling, and life coaching. "
Frozen Shoulder - "Orthopedic Massage Therapy, ROM therapy, Rehab, myofascial release, therapeutic exercises and progressions., "
Gas / Bloating - "All natural, herbal Colon Cleaner and vital organ cleansing products available, referral to master herbalist and biochemist for supplemental treatment"
Headaches / Migraines - "Orthopedic massage techniques, scalp massage, trigger point, tender point therapy, work with deep neck musculature and ligamentous structures, cranial work, herbal suppliments, postural alignment"
Hip Pain / Bursitis - " Orthopedic massage techniques, MET addressing IS issues, bursa physician created anti inflammatory oils and carriers to reduce pain and facilitate healing modalities"
Insomnia - "Swedish/ Relaxation massage, herbal supplementation and consult with master herbalist"
IT Band Syndrome - "Orthopedic massage techniques that target Gluteal work, and TFL to create relief of IT Band issues. Also includes longitudinal (light) frictioning and lateralis work. "
Knee Pain - "Orthopedic massage techniques, tendonous and ligamentous work where needed, work with 2 joint muscles, and cold/hot therapies as directed"
Neck Pain - "Orthopedic massage techniques specific to pain syndrome"
Panic Attacks - "Specific treatments geared toward emotional balancing, herbal supplementation by master herbalist."
Plantar Fasciitis - "Orthopedic Massage Techniques, Acupressure therapy, muscle balancing, all natural massage oil for inflammation and problems with bone spurs."
Sciatica - "Orthopedic Massage Techniques that target true sciatic issues and pseudo sciatic problems, alignment, posture addresses, life style adjustment strategies to diminish pain syndrome."
Scoliosis - "Can create subtile changes with muscle balancing techniques that effect postural alignment. Referral to Chiropractor as needed."
Shin Splints - "Orthopedic Massage Techniques, MET, long frictioning, ice, rest, muscle balancing techniques ..."
Stress - "Specific massage techniques, swedish, life coaching, yoga therapy, fitness training, breath-work, reiki"
Tendonitis - "Anti-inflamitory herbal remedies, orthopedic massage techniques, rehab, fitness training after inflammatory effect has been addresses."
TMJ Syndrome - "Orthopedic massage techniques addressing head, face, neck, and jaw musculature, referral out for night grinding guards when necessary. "
Whiplash - "Orthopedic massage techniques geared to specific treatment of double crush injuries that occur- head, neck, spine, alignment, etc"

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Visit my Website: http://chicagomassagehealing.com

Licensed Massage Therapist located in the Edgewater area with a private and serene massage studio including a private bath.  Experience an escape from your daily life in the hands of a professional advanced practitioner. Custom, progressive sessions will bring you back to what living was truly meant to be. Out call also available upon request.

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Rating: 5

patient, empathetic, and fun with children!

My 3-year-old son has suffered from recurring and debilitating hip pain sustained during a fall. We have seen countless specialists who performed many diagnostic tests, but no one could figure out why his pain kept returning. That is, until we met Steve Leary. Steve was able to accurately describe the presentation of my son's pain and devised a treatment plan to integrate massage therapy with exercises and stretches that my son could do at home. Skilled in working with small children, Steve's patient, empathetic, and fun nature quickly earned my son's trust and confidence. Steve was able to teaching...
... him how to care for himself to manage and prevent further pain. I am relieved to say that he has not had another episode of debilitating pain since we began working with Steve. We are so grateful to be in his care!
- Cheryl McIntosh-Lombardo (04/22/12)
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    Chicago Massage and Healing
    Berwyn and Sheridan Roads
    Chicago, IL 60640

    Licensed Massage Therapist located in the Edgewater area with a private and serene massage studio including a private bath.  Experience an escape from your daily life in the hands of a professional. Custom, progressive sessions that will bring you back to what living was truly meant to be

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