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Candling Practitioner

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Certifications: Reflexology (the Bayley School (UK and Switzerland)), Spiritual Healing (The Scottish Association of Holistic Healers), Reiki level II
Skills: Ear Candling

Member Since 10/06/14

Languages (other than English): French
Links: My website  |  My Book
Visit my Website: https://www.facebook.com/candlingwithjilihamilton


25 years as an ear and body candling practitioner and the author of the first book in English and the only book in French on the subject.


Ear and body candling, which is a gentle and relaxing treatment, has been shown to offer benefits for conditions such as sinusitis, otitis media, constipation, tinnitus, stress, glaucoma, depression, insomnia, sleep apnea, allergies, painful menstruation and so on.


Free fact sheets on candling to treat children, hearing loss, stress, women’s problems, sinusitis, tinnitus, and to reinforce the immune system are available from me.


I practice in Geneva, Switzerland and I have a professional Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/candlingwithjilihamilton which is updated regularly. My website (www.jilihamilton.com) will give you more information and my latest book, Candling for Optimal Health (Findhorn Press), was issued in April 2014. It contacts a vast amount of information on what can be treated with the candles—although there’s always something new for me to learn too—as well as chapters on the Background, Pitfalls, The Immune System, Vaccines and Nutrition. I have included details of many other alternative remedies and cited studies that are connected to the subject.


I love hearing from people who have queries or stories to tell or, if you’d like to receive a free fact sheet, please do send me a mail at info@jilihamilton.com.

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