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The Social Media Hustle

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Everybody has a dream.  A dream to do something big. Something bigger than themselves.  We have an inner desire to do something we are passionate about.  We want to wake up each morning and do something that gives life meaning.

To live your dreams, it is not easy.  You must hustle.  Hustle every day.  When you are tired, hustle some more.  Rinse and repeat.  Rinse and repeat.  The difference between those who live their dreams and those who don’t has nothing to do with money, intelligence, or social status.  It has to do with hustle.  I have put together 20 steps that will show just about anyone how to take your passion, put it on the web, connect with like-minded people, and start living your dream.

1.       Identify your passion

2.       Make a list of fifty awesome blog posts about your passion to ensure you have enough material

3.       Answer these two questions

a.       Is my passion really what I think it is?

b.      Can I talk about it better than anyone else?

4.       Name your personal brand.  This can be just for you or you can share it on your blog or website.  Either way, you should have a clear idea what it is.  “The Herb Doctor”, “The No BS Chiropractor”, or “Mr. Advice” are just a couple examples

5.       Purchase your website address at and create your platform for communication

6.       Choose your medium for communication: video, audio, or written word

7.       Start a blog using

8.       Hire a website designer. This is the one thing I urge you to spend money on.  The average individual spends 5 seconds on a site and leave if they can’t find what they are looking for.  The difference can mean gaining or losing a customer.  Check out for free lance professionals.

9.       Include a facebook connect link, a call-to-action button like a big “WANT TO DO BUSINESS WITH ME?” in the upper right hand corner of my webpage, and share functions for facebook and twitter at minimum

10.   Create a facebook fan page for communication and to gauge how well you are doing

11.   Post your content on a weekly basis.  Post on a more regular basis if time permits

12.   Start creating community by leaving comments on other people’s blog and forums with links back to your blog/site when appropriate, and replying to comments on your own content

13.   Use to connect with like-minded individuals and communicate regularly

14.   Go to to find people talking about your topic and communicate with them

15.   Join as many active facebook fan pages and groups relating to your blog topic as possible

16.   Repeat steps 11-15 over and over and over

17.   Do it again

18.   And again

19.   Once your personal brand has gained sufficient exposure and a large enough following, start reaching out to advertisers and begin monetizing

20.   Enjoy the ride!

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