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The Business of Self-Care

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In any business, having a realistic and workable business plan can help the businessperson achieve their career goals and establish themselves successfully in a competitive marketplace.

A crucial component of any business plan is risk management: identifying, assessing and managing potential risks that could endanger a new professional’s career and earning power.  Risk management studies often concentrate on classic risk scenarios, like dealing with a difficult economy, or facing new competition in one’s target market.  An area that is often overlooked, however, is identifying and managing the risks that can put one’s own health, and career, in jeopardy.

Studies have shown that manual therapists have a high risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) due to the physical demands of their work.  MSDs and their symptoms can have both short and long-term effects on a therapist’s ability to maintain their normal workload, advance in their career and, in some cases, even remain in their profession. When you weigh the potential implications for a therapist’s earning power and bottom line, it becomes clear that therapists need to be aware of these risks and find effective strategies for managing and reducing them.

Portions of this article reprinted from Save Your Hands! The Complete Guide to Injury Prevention and Ergonomics for Manual Therapists, 2nd Edition, Copyright © 2008 Gilded Age Press, Inc. All rights reserved.

Lauriann Greene, CEAS and Richard W. Goggins, CPE, LMP are co-authors of the all-new 2nd Edition of Save Your Hands! The Complete Guide to Injury Prevention and Ergonomics for Manual Therapists , the leading textbook on self-care used in massage schools across the U.S. and Canada. Lauriann and Richard have published numerous articles in national massage and spa magazines on this subject, co-authored the first statistical study on injury among massage therapists, and offer continuing education courses, a Certified Injury Prevention Instructor program, and consulting and training to help massage therapists prevent workplace injury.  For more information, please visit or call 877-424-0994.

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