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The Business of Self-Care

by on October 1st, 2010 · No Comments  

In any business, having a realistic and workable business plan can help the businessperson achieve their career goals and establish themselves successfully in a competitive marketplace. A crucial component of any business plan is risk management: identifying, assessing and managing potential risks that could endanger a new professional’s career and earning power.  Risk management studies…

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The most effective way to prevent work-related injury for massage therapists is by using a holistic, multifaceted strategy. Using good body mechanics, designing an ergonomic workspace, and developing awareness of the risk factors for injury in their work are some of the key aspects of this holistic approach.  Here are a few other very important…

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Prepare for Unforeseen Events

by on September 24th, 2010 · No Comments  

A good business plan also takes contingencies into account: those cases where, despite your best efforts, unforeseen events can still occur.  Manual therapists can start developing symptoms even if they have been careful and used good prevention techniques.  How much of a financial impact the symptoms will have on the therapist’s work life depends on…

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Anyone who has done massage or bodywork for any amount of time knows how physically demanding this kind of work can be. Massage practitioners often use repetitive movements combined with hand force in their work; they may hold pressure or stay in one position for a long time, causing static loading to their tissues; fatigue…

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You can put together an effective injury risk management plan for your own massage practice based on proven workplace injury prevention and ergonomics principles. The study of ergonomics has shown that multiple factors are involved in causing workplace injury. As a result, a successful prevention strategy must be holistic and multifaceted, combining a number of…

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Don’t Forget Insurance

by on August 10th, 2010 · No Comments  

Since injury can happen even with good prevention efforts, your business plan should also include obtaining adequate insurance.  Health, workers’ compensation, and long term disability insurance all give therapists an important safety net that can keep you afloat financially if injury does happen, as well as peace of mind during your career. Therapists that develop…

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