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With the growing popularity of daily deal and coupon websites I am sure you have considered offering such a discount for your holistic service.

Could offering your massage 50% off be worth it if you get hundreds of paying customers? Could your scheduling even handle this kind of client volume jump? Are those customers going to return or were they only interested in the deal?

Instead of offering your services at a discount, how about adding value to your current rate by offering add-ons. These add-on products don’t have to cost as much as their perceived value. Some ideas are:

  • Extra 15 minutes with any 60 minute massage
  • An Aromatherapy candle with any facial
  • Free mini nail polish with any manicure/pedicure combo

The best client is one who believes in the value you add to their health and are willing to pay full price. But for the potential clients out there who have a resistance to trying new services, how about offering your current rate but with an add-on.

A great example of a coupon at full value, with an add-on is here.

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