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Networking Power Tools

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Networking is supposed to be a simple thing.  By definition, networking is the formation of an interconnected system of people or things.  The mistake that most people make is that they think interconnectedness magically happens any time a large group of business professionals or practitioners get together and exchange business cards.  Wrong.  The vast majority of people waste all of their time trying to sell something rather than connect with someone.

Let me tell you a story about Scott Ginsberg and how he uses a little something I like to call the “name tag game” in order to connect with people.  Scott is a great guy.  Unassuming.  Polite.  Energetic.  Nice.  But every time he walks into a room, more and more people start to stare at him.  First there are the looks.  Then come the whispers.  Soon he has random people he has never met in his life approach him and proclaim, “Dude, you’re wearing a name tag”.  But Scott knows this.  In fact, he wore it on purpose.

Today Scott wears a name tag wherever he goes.  Even when he goes swimming, he cannot escape his name tag because he has it tattooed right on his chest.  It says “hello, my name is Scott”.  It all started back in college when he accidently forgot to take off his name tag when attending a social event and found out the name tag made him more approachable.  The name tag made him far more approachable and allowed him to more readily connect with people on a regular basis.  He has been caught wearing a name tag every day since.

In order to help you better connect with potential patients or clients, I put together 4 networking power tools that will change the way you approach networking.   

1. Think “what am I here to give?”

  • The universe obeys the law of reciprocity
  • Whether it is a 1 month or 1 year, it will all come back around

2. Speak only to educate

  • Don’t try to sell anything
  • People don’t like being sold on anything
  • Give them all the info they need to make an educated decision
  • Allow them to think buying your product was their idea

3. Bring blank business cards to ensure you can always exchange cards with important people even if they forget theirs

4. Listen twice as much as you talk

  • People love talking about themselves
  • Do this and you instantly have become the most interesting person they talk to all day
  • There is a reason we have two ears and one mouth

While I have my favorite networking power tools that I was anxious to share, I am even more excited to hear about your best practices when it comes to networking.  Click on the “comments” tab just above and share the wealth!

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