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Getting Reviews

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Soliciting real reviews from your clients is one of the best and easiest ways to get your more exposure online.  Did you know that your reviews on are searchable on Google? Let’s say a potential client is searching for ‘Best massage therapist Chicago’. If you have a few reviews that use some of those words (‘massage’, ‘best’, ‘Chicago’), you could show up on page 1 of Google!

Many of your clients want to write a review for you but don’t know where to do it. Should they email you or send you a Thank you card? How about you ask them to submit a review on your Rub Hub profile?

Step 1: Know your URL on

Find your profile by searching for yourself by first/last name, or skill or ailment treated. Copy paste the URL path. That is your ‘ugly URL’. (Example: (Learn more about ‘Vanity URL’s’ here).

Just add the following to the end of your ‘ugly’ URL and you will have a URL path to each of your tabs of your profile:

?tab=coupons (Coupon tab, this is available with a proTools upgraded account)
?tab=locations (Locations tab)
?tab=menu (Price List tab)
?tab=events (Events tab)
?tab=reviews (Reviews tab)

Example url that goes right to a specific tab of your profile:

As you can see the above links are long and a bit ‘ugly’. For your email to your client you probably want something more streamlined. You can simply embed these links into text like you see below.

Step 2: How to make a hyperlink

Start an email. Write a phrase like ‘Write a Review’. Highlight ‘Review’ and right-mouse click and click ‘Hyperlink’. Paste in the hyperlink as shown above. It will look nice and pretty like this:

See my Coupons
See my Locations
See my Price List
See my Events
Write a Review

Step 3: Send a short but sweet email to your client soon after his/her appointment

Their experience will be fresh in their mind and they won’t mind doing it.

Example email (Feel free to copy this and tweak as necessary. Be sure to switch out the URLs below). You can even paste the below into Microsoft Word, then right mouse click on the link and click ‘Edit Hyperlink’. Change the link and click the ‘OK’ button. You can then paste that into your email body.

Hi xyz (client name):

Thank you for coming in to see me for your lower back issues. I hope you find my massage therapy treatments beneficial. I would really appreciate an online review from you. world time This will give me more exposure and grow my business. It’s as simple as going to my profile on and submitting a review.

You can find my profile at: You can click on the ‘Reviews’ tab and go from there.

Here is a link directly to my Reviews tab on (or click here).

Thank you in advance, Sincerely xyz

 Step 4: Notification of your review

TheRubHub will send you an email notifying you of an approved review. Our administrator montiors all reviews and manually approves them before they are visible on your profile.

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