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As much as you want to deny it, we are all selling something.

* Doctors and Holistic Practitioners sell good health.

* Lawyers sell sound (or not so sound) legal advice.

* CPAs sell accurate accounting.

* Authors sell stories and ideas.

* You are probably constantly selling your boss on giving you that big fat raise.

The difference between those who succeed and those who fail ultimately comes down to how they are communicating with their target audience. The fact is that nobody likes to “be sold” on anything. They want to make their own decisions. If you look at the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, they aren’t selling anything. They are solving problems.

* George Forman allows people to grill even if they don’t have a deck (while simultaneously eliminating 90% of the fat, of course!).

* Steve Jobs gave consumers an easier to use computer with less “bugs”.

* Pitney Bowes gave businesses the mail machine so they didn’t have to waste their time taking their packages to the Post Office.

In each of these three cases, success was directly correlated to how well these companies could communicate to their customers how they could solve their problems.

A great “elevator pitch” that I like to use to describe how I solve my customer’s problems goes a little something like this:

I help business owners and municipalities who are paying too much for their Natural Gas, Electric, and Telecom by giving them multiple options for lowering their utility bills that they probably didn’t know they have.

A great “elevator pitch” that explains how you solve your customers problems has three parts. Make sure to be specific!

1. Identify your customer

2. Describe their problem or challenge

3. Explain the benefits and results they end up with

A simple model would look like such:

I help _________ who have _________ and want _________ .

So the next time people ask what you do, tell them who you help and how you solve their problems. You’ll get a lot farther than trying the sales-man-y-pitch-thing.

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