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We’d like to introduce our amazing contributors.

Nathan Matelich (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Email)

Whether you are looking for free holistic business tips or need to get some basic business questions answered, Nate is a great resource. As VP of Marketing & Business Development at The Research Engine he has knack for providing easy to implement approaches to improve your business. Two of Nathan’s biggest goals are to become a motivational speaker and spend at least one month a year traveling abroad. See Nathan’s postings.

Lauriann Green, CEAS (Facebook, Twitter, Email)

Lauriann has been a leading writer, speaker and researcher on injury prevention for manual therapists since 1995. As a licensed massage therapist and Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist she has a breath of knowledge of manual therapist injuries and how to prevent them. Lauriann developed the Save Your Hands!® Injury Prevention Workshops for massage therapists. See Lauriann’s postings

Richard W. Goggins, MS, CPE, LMP (Facebook, Email)

Rick is Board Certified as a Professional Ergonomist, and is a Licensed Massage Practitioner in Washington State. Rick has combined his in-depth knowledge of injury prevention, ergonomics and manual treatment work in his collaboration with Lauriann Greene on the injury survey among massage therapists, and on this 2nd edition of Save Your Hands! See Rick’s postings.

Franklin Drob (LinkedIn, Facebook, Email)

Franklin is Hatha Yoga certified and has a spiritual presence that makes you feel good. Reflecting on his own life and experiences Franklin’s quotes are inspirational. Franklin has been publicly teaching Yoga and Relaxation Response training in the Chicago Land area and internationally. Founder of InsideSmiles Franklin is passionate about feeling healthy and being well. See Franklin’s postings.

Dr. Adam BrueneDr. Adam Bruene (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter , Email)

Not only is Adam Bruene a Doctor of Chiropractic he also has his certification in Acupuncture. His goal is to help you feel better. His ‘whole health’ approach involves finding the underlying cause of your pain rather than simply treating the symptons. Dr. Bruene can be found helping people at Progressive Chiropractic in Chicago. See Dr. Bruene’s postings.

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