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Our culture celebrates superstars.  We give them opportunities.  We give them fame.  We give them copious amounts of cash.  It’s good to be #1.  Damn good.  A superstar who is #1 enjoys ten times the benefit of #10 and a hundred times the benefit of #100.  I’ll need a little ice cream to help me…

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The Social Media Hustle

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Everybody has a dream.  A dream to do something big. Something bigger than themselves.  We have an inner desire to do something we are passionate about.  We want to wake up each morning and do something that gives life meaning. To live your dreams, it is not easy.  You must hustle.  Hustle every day.  When…

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Does anyone have a recommendation for how to remove the oil stain, and smell from your sheets? I have read that using dishwasher detergent works. What has worked for you?

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Whether you are a professional massage therapist, bodyworker or just like to give massages to your loved one, what oil or lotion do you use? Do you concoct your own blend? Do you find certain products cause less irritation on the skin? I love when my massage therapist Pete adds a bit of lavender oil!…

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